Dec 1st 2009

Print Media Gearing up for Mobile

With 275 Million subscribers and 89% penetration, Mobile market has emerged as one of the fastest growing industry in the US. It’s the time where every single business entity is planning to improve their reach to a new level and introduce mobile as a way of communication. May it be text messaging, applications or simple voice communication.

Companies are already using Mobile as a tool for branding and marketing strategies and now with launching of iPhone, Android and additionally iPad, we will soon be witnessing a big chunk of Print going on mobile. The process has already started and about to gain its speed.

Now, what concerns media and publishing companies today is how to get there without losing their bearings, sanity and faith along the way. Poor support, lack of any real sense of direction and counting on the murky “intelligence” of so called “business intelligence” companies, might have already burnt the figures of some of them by now.

The good news is that – with the right help and approach one can push their business very firmly in the right direction by creating a better user experience. All it takes is two things. The first is to realize that running into mobile space can only work for you by building it into your business strategy, not just by bolting it on. Educate yourself about the subject. We are there to share facts and figures! The second is to find industry experts to implement your business strategies in Mobile world. Fortunately, we can help you evolve your digital strategy step by step – whether you`re completely new to the concept or already half way there.

Our client testimonies would certainly help you build your faith in us. So do not feel lost .Find out more and decide exactly where it can take your business.

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