May 24th 2015

JCK LUXURY : Jewelry Business Goes Mobile

It all began with a customer laboriously hiking to a store physically, which was succeeded by visiting a store website virtually and is now substituted by slipping the entire store into a pocket. M-commerce is not a novelty anymore, reported a study by IBM in 2014. During the holiday season last year, M-commerce accounted for 45% of visiting traffic, of which 22.6% accounted for total sales.

If you are wondering why an M-commerce Application is of importance when your customer could visit your website, consider it as a ‘bridge’ between your business and customers. One lane gets the customer to you with the touch of an icon; the other takes you to them. Unlike a website, your entire virtual presence will be magnified through your company’s icon on their mobile device with your M-commerce Application.

The piece ‘Tech in Asia’, by Mr. Leighton Cosseboom projects the M-commerce market to touch USD700 Billion by 2017. You can either get an application developed professionally, or if you think you’ve got the gumption you could build one for yourself using free web tools that are available over the Internet.

You for Them and Them for You:
An M-commerce Application eliminates ambient noise completely. With the traditional use of a desktop, the chances of customers getting distracted or engaged in other offerings from competitive brands is the highest, especially when dealing with consumers in the jewelry industry that is governed by individual preferences and minute variations. A dedicated store in the form of an application ensures that you have maximum privacy as well as consumer attention during the visit to your virtual store.

Engage Personally:
Deals and offerings during periods of discounts or rebates can be offered directly to the customer through an M-commerce Application, where the customer is sent an intimation through push notifications rather than an email promotional letter. The diamond business can be driven by impulse and the right words accompanied by a gripping photographic offer can seal the deal. Especially when the purchase button on your M-commerce Application is readily available to the right of the image.

Peek Into the Future:
When you get your application developed by professionals, they offer for you to avail of paid metrics and insights. Such, in the diamond business could be likened with page visits, age groups, geographic locations as base offerings topped up with preferential products from page visits and time spent. Other characterizing yardsticks like browsing history, wish lists, probable spending power and past purchases are able to provide a jewelry manufacturer with robust insights for planning of their next batches of scintillating wonders. These are aligned with customer preferences; brought to perfection through speculation and study.

More Eyes on You:
Constantly available on a mobile device, your M-commerce Application stands to get more eyes rolling than the person that’s downloaded it. With the amount of time an average person spends on the mobile or tablet today, imagine someone browsing through your Mobile Store whist sipping coffee at a crowded Expresso Bar, or on a crammed subway train, better yet directly along with his peers and friends. The person, without consciously meaning to, has advertised for your business through word of mouth. No one buys a diamond without the opinion of at least one other person. You’re sure to have an extra pair of eyes set on your virtual store.

While you’re still really wondering how any of this is different from using websites, you must remember that each person that downloads your M-commerce Application is a ‘person of interest’ to your business. The fact that he or she is willing to accommodate your store on the phone or mobile computing device means that they would want to visit your offerings more than once or twice. Retaining such customers is far easier through your application as it can be done in a real time manner too.

With mCommerce Applications being improved constantly, efforts are being made to reach out to customers to provide post-sales experiences that are unique to purchases made from M-commerce Apps. While there is a way for you to get into their pockets, what you get out of there is solely upon the shining impression your application is able to make from there on.

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