Feb 13th 2013

Does mobility help healthcare software product companies in delivering higher patient engagement, patient care and even achieve sustainability?

Imagine if doctors could wirelessly access electronic medical records, prescribe medication, monitor inpatients, initiate & track referrals, communicate with patients & monitor outpatients. Healthcare providers are now turning to digital information and electronic resources to enable a larger access to patient data in order to provide physicians and patients with better connectivity and quality patient care.
Due to proliferated healthcare costs and the challenge of achieving improved care, it becomes vital for healthcare providers to integrate all its informational resources to make critical decisions and devise treatment plans.
Mobile health is a key enabler that will improve the quality of care and streamline the entire healthcare workflows across the care continuum by delivering collaborative care for prevention and wellness, enhancing operational effectiveness and achieving improved outcomes.
The Mobile Health market earned revenues of $230 million in 2010 and is estimated to reach $392 million in 2015, according to a new report from research firm Frost & Sullivan. While privacy and security concerns would be ever present in the mHealth market, to meet strategic and clinical goals, while collaborating to meet health reform mandates, more and more healthcare providers have started using informed collaboration to collect and access data at the point of care and integrate clinical and financial healthcare data with teams of caregivers to make remote patient care more efficient.
With over a decade of experience in the healthcare domain and technology competence across web, mobile and cloud technologies, Diaspark helps healthcare ISVs, non-profits and life sciences companies develop and deliver mobile solutions focused on interoperability, eliminating redundancies, providing highly secured access mechanism and stay compliant with the current industry regulations.

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