Jun 18th 2013

Maximize Clinical Trial Productivity and Patient Medication Adherence with mobility

- Radhika Iyengar, Healthcare Solutions Head

Most Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies have so far looked at information technology to largely handle their core manufacturing operations and commercialization processes. While this could include Clinical Trial Management Systems, Randomization tools etc, such systems are primarily meant for management of the backend processes and clinical trial data.

In the past few years Patient Connect programs and analysis of information centered around the Patient and adherence to medication regimen has gained a good amount of significance in the healthcare and medical landscape. The pharmaceutical industry also is now seen bending and making a move to adjust with mounting expectations of providing a new value: one of partnership, accountability, transparency and interoperability. An industry long known for its profit-based value model is slowly making an effort to prove value beyond the pill.

With the increasing influence of mobility through wireless devices and cellular phones, more pharmaceutical (pharma) and medical device companies are now evaluating the mHealth technology to realize such goals and to enhance their relationship with customers (clinical trial subjects, patients, physicians).To get the most value, companies need a mobile strategy that addresses user engagement, the convergence of data, security and other considerations.

Diaspark Healthcare Practice with its focus on the Life Science segment and complemented by an experienced mobile technology team has put together the necessary elements for an effective mHealth framework. With deep experience in providing mobile based applications for Patient Support & Safety, Clinical Trial Recruitments, Disease/Medication Management , Education tools, Clinical Supplies management etc, and combined with its strategic mHealth framework, Diaspark can be a true value-added technology partner for pharma and medical device companies. To provide the power of mHealth apps to engage both internal and external stakeholders, we effectively guide and work with the pharma companies in embracing such intelligent mHealth tools towards not only bending the cost curve but also improving patient outcomes thus making ‘mhealth drive the business.

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