Oct 17th 2014

Achieving higher levels of customer engagement : Across multiple channels

Leading publishers strive to achieve higher degree of site visitor engagement through online channels, which means they must easily, swiftly, and cost effectively provide updated, particular and customized content anytime, anywhere, all through a dynamic and vibrant end-user experience. The fundamental change in landscape of publishing industry is majorly driven by smartphones, social media and a preference of digital content over other mediums. Traditional CMS solutions are no longer capable of delivering richer and broader range of competencies that enable managing and enhancing customer experience across multiple channels.

As audience has also become accustomed to a personalized experience, they expect publishers to come up with a customized, consistent and timely content regardless of whether they browse through company’s website or social media pages. It is important to note that content is still the king. Publishers are in need of a robust approach to deliver customer’s expectations with limited resources through digital media.

Moreover, ensuring customer engagement through multiple channels also requires a strategic approach. Pushing content to multiple channels becomes cumbersome for the editorial team that also looks for gathering tons of data that audience shares through these mediums.

Our more-than-a-decade experience and extensive software knowledge can resolve these issues through comprehensive Content Management System (CMS). This integrated system encompasses a broad range of capabilities including managing websites, microsites, social media and other channelsthrough a single interface. The panoramic view makes it easy to handle complexities of reaching the audience through various channels with digitized and personalized content and optimize site visitor experience.

The built-in web analytics extract relevant user information to deliver value to the user. We help you make your presence ubiquitous and put your feet on multiple channels at an ease.

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